Jesus told his disciples “Where I am going you know the way”. He reminded them that they knew the way to the place Jesus is preparing for them in his kingdom.  However, it appears that they did not. Thomas, speaking as a human being, blatantly told Jesus that they did not know where Jesus was going, nor did they know how to get there – they did not know the way.

So how can they not know the way? Jesus was standing right in front of them. He lived with them, he ate with them, he performed a multitude of miracles in their midsts. I guess the answer is rather simple, they are human beings like us. We, like the disciples get confused too, we experience troubled hearts and we lose faith. We don’t always know the way to our heavenly home either. We, like the disciples, also live in the world and we carry the stain of original sin that muddies the way to Jesus. So how can these men come to know the way to the sacred place Jesus is preparing for them? Or the better question for us becomes, how can we come to know the way to our Jesus home?

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