Have you ever asked yourself what is your life purpose? Why are you living this life as the person you are, with the parents and family you have, in the country you reside in and living the faith you have? Have you ever asked yourself what is your role in God’s plan for your life and how are you going to fulfill it? And if you do accept the idea that God has a specific life purpose for you, have you ever wondered what the next step is he is calling you into?

I can only imagine that the disciples asked themselves similar questions after the Resurrection. Their questions of what next, amidst their intense grief over the loss of their friend Jesus, must have consumed their hearts and minds. While we can only guess that they were numb with grief over the loss of Jesus, they had to move forward with their lives. It seems that almost unconsciously, as is common immediately after the loss of a loved one, Peter took to his boat and dropped his nets as he tried to return to a life he knew. His band of disciples followed him.

How many times do we, perhaps like Peter, unconsciously run on auto-pilot when we don’t know what to do, when we are overcome with grief or pain? How many times have we sought a sense of normalcy in an attempt to avoid heartbreak and pain? How many times have we dropped our nets in such instances only to yield an empty bounty?  How many times have we exerted physical and emotional energy only to yield empty nets? I remember a time when I did this very thing.

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