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What makes our LIVE Wholly Transformational Retreat so special and unique?

In today’s fast paced world we see multitudes of individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions and a myriad of other issues that hold us back from fully living. A quick spin in your car will more than likely bring you face to face with a frustrated person… and another opportunity for you to practice forgiveness! Additionally, many individuals have suffered pain within their religious institutions and instead of turning to God they have turned to an addiction in search of escape.

In this retreat we will be tackling some of these tough issues and dealing with them effectively so that you can become free to fully live and experience optimal emotional well-being – even in the midst of turmoil.  In our Family Constellation portion of the retreat you will be looking at your relationship with your mother and its impact on your live. This relationship with the first person in your life affects how you see the world and how you view others. Energetically the role of the mother is one of nurturer/comforter. How well your mother was able to meet your needs in this space has left an imprint within you. During this retreat you will be able to look at this imprint and learn how to transcend above any “mommy” hurts in a way that honors all involved.


Anxiety and Depression

Many individuals live in a constant state of low anxiety or depression that can grow into full-blown panic attacks, anxiety disorders or clinical depression when the “right” set of circumstances are met. Given the multifaceted dimension to such issues, a holistic approach that addresses the…click here to learn more.

Addictions, Religion, and God

Make no mistake about it, addictions steal lives. They rip families apart, preying upon the deepest yearning we have for belonging and our deep need to love and be loved in return. They steal fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. They rip families apart and… click here to learn more.

Mother as Nurturer and Comforter

We are all created to love and to be loved in return; however, sadly, many individuals have lost their connection to love due to heartache, pain, and trauma. To love another is a natural state for the human heart and the first love relationship we experience is with our mothers. We began… to learn more click here.

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It’s time for you to fully live!

Since we limit our Transformational Retreats to 8 individuals you will want to register quickly to ensure your spot. We offer three ways to register, click on the link that makes the most sense for you. We look forward to walking with you on your journey!

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I attended with a friend, who had made a long distance connection with Dr. Carolyn. The whole experience not only took me by surprise, it left me a bit dumbfounded! Although I had taken many steps towards healing previously, LIVE allowed further release…

Korinne, Retreat Attendee


This transformational retreat literally left me speechless and it took many days to process the incredible healing that took place during this 2 day retreat. Optimal physical health can never be reached if you are emotionally unhealthy. This retreat helps you honor second …

Anne, Retreat Attendee

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