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LIVE Happy


What makes our LIVE Happy Transformational Retreat so special and unique?

This retreat tackles some pretty tough road blocks that hold individuals back from experiencing happiness and joy. Road blocks such as unforgiveness, childhood wounds and "daddy" hurts. Many of us find ourselves trapped in unforgiveness, a pattern that is guaranteed to bring us anything but happiness. As Nelson Mandela once said - "Holding on to a grudge is like drinking poison and thinking it will harm our enemy". Unfortunately, unforgiveness tends to be a common thread woven throughout the... click here to learn more.


Forgiveness of Self and Others

Sometimes it feels hard, if not impossible to forgive another, especially when the one who hurt us doesn’t ask for forgiveness, or worse, if they continue to hurt us. However, we are promised that forgiveness will lead to emotional freedom and happiness, while unforgiveness will hold us in a painful... click here to learn more.

Overcoming Childhood Wounds

Let’s face it, earth is not for the weak hearted. Every human being is destined to experience emotional pain that they will more than likely attempt to bury and stuff away in some way or another. As I often tell my children and... click here to learn more.

Father as Provider and Protector

Let's reflect for a moment on our father as our family's provider and protector. Inevitably, such thoughts conjure up childhood memories that leave a lasting imprint on who we are. How did he fulfill these roles? Did he fill them fully, or... click here to learn more.

How To Register

It's time for you to fully live!

Since we limit our Transformational Retreats to 8 individuals you will want to register quickly to ensure your spot. We offer three ways to register, click on the link that makes the most sense for you. We look forward to walking with you on your journey!

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Come join us so that we can make a difference in this big beautiful world together.

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To The Heart of The Matter

Thomas Merton

The real reason why so few men believe in God is that they have ceased to believe that even a God can love them.

Excerpt From Understanding The Jesus Code

When we come to peace with those who came before us, a space is created for healing to occur.

The LIVE Method Transformational Retreat Schedule

Click here to check out our Retreat Calendar for upcoming dates for all Transformational Retreats: LIVE Healthy, LIVE Happy, LIVE Wholly, and LIVE Fully.

Want to bring a retreat to your area? Contact us and check on Carolyn's availability. Together we can make a difference and help the world heal.

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