LIVE Fully Transformational Retreat I

LIVE Fully


What makes our LIVE Fully Transformational Retreat I so special and unique?

Having completed The LIVE Method Core Three Retreats you have already experienced tremendous transformation on numerous levels. No doubt you already experience heightened inner peace as you have never known and when times get rough you recognize the strife and you know how to effectively transform out of the pain. Your relationships with your loved ones has transformed significantly and you undoubtedly find it much easier to love others.

So now you are prepared and ready to go deeper! (as if we haven’t already gone deep!). You have experienced The LIVE Method Core Three Retreats, you have participated in several  Family Constellations and now you are ready for Extreme Family Constellations. Why extreme? Because we are dealing with a group of participants who have already spent considerable time preparing for the big event. And, most importantly, because The LIVE Method Family Constellation work is firmly grounded inside Christianity – yes, Jesus Christ is central to our work!


What Is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger, a former Catholic priest of seventeen years, allows us a unique opportunity to see where the flow of love has been interrupted with in the family. Once recognized we can bring about the restoration necessary so that love flows more freely. Every participant of the LIVE Fully!!! Transformational Retreat I will have the opportunity to have their own Family Constellation done if they so desire.

Outcome of the Family Constellation

Whether we recognize it or not, we are all energetically linked to our family members – the included and the excluded. These connections often affect our life in ways we are not aware. This is true regardless of how distant they are to us. By bringing about harmony within the family through a Family Constellation we allow the flow of Christ love to bring peace in the heart of the client so that she or he can experience life as God desires for this beloved child of his.

How To Register

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Since we limit our Transformational Retreats to 8 individuals you will want to register quickly to ensure your spot. We look forward to walking with you on your journey!

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To The Heart of The Matter

Pope Francis

Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.

Excerpt from Understanding the Jesus Code

There is much more to this life than you could possible imagine, and you can use your emotions as a road map to reach the ultimate joy, peace and love your heart craves.

The LIVE Method Transformational Retreat Schedule

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