If you are called into marriage then I believe it will afford you a unique opportunity to grow closer to God. Together a husband and wife become one and they face the world with all of its challenges, trials, and joys. Being married for almost 27 years I can attest that marriage is both beautiful and challenging. Today my husband and I enjoy multitudes of blessings because we continually choose to love, support and comfort each other while holding God at the center of our marriage.

Through my married life I have learned much – much that I believe can help other married couples today. The most important thing I have learned is that central to a Godly marriage lies that fact that each spouse is uniquely suited to love and support the other as a man and as a woman. When couples develop an understanding of this unique role they hold in one another’s lives their love can deepen profoundly. The world can be hard, a woman needs the masculine love a man offers and a man needs the feminine love a woman offers. In the eyes of God, husbands and wives hold the exclusive right to offer their love to one another.

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