Today, Good Friday, let us pray Stations of the Cross together with a new appreciation of what is offered through it’s devotion. After all – today is the day that victory has been won.  The physical body of Jesus Christ has met with death by surrendering to Life itself. Jesus Christ emptied himself as he gave of himself to the Father so that we could live. In doing so he claimed victory for all of humanity. A victory that offers all of God’s children, through all generations, an eternal life bathed in the bliss of Love. Jesus Christ did this out of love for all, and it is this love that we are invited to partake of.

While we can never understand the will of God, or his plan for the world, we can trust in his great love and receive the inheritance He has promised us by following the roadmap he reveals. The roadmap we are called to follow is the one Christ himself has modeled to us, a roadmap that many great saints and lovers of Christ have traveled on their journey towards Love before us. A roadmap guaranteed to deliver all that our hearts could ever desire. Jesus Christ, the one who came into the world and experienced the fullness of humanity, while simultaneously being fully Divine, calls us to share in the Father’s love by uniting our life with his just as he united his life with the Will of the Father. His earthly journey, which ended in a horrendous physical death, reveals to us the power in surrendering all for the sake of love, and it is in this love where we will find the power to surrender as Christ did.

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