Love is the greatest gift we can give another. It is love that provides the healing balm mankind needs in times of heartache, loss and strife. I sit here in the wake of the loss of my friend I mentioned in last week’s reflection, Denise Gutierrez. Her family and friends celebrated her life yesterday. All of us said goodbye to a woman who left an imprint of love in the world. I had only met Denise once, so to call her my friend may seem odd to many. Yet, my relationship with her has allowed me a glimpse into God’s love.

I met Denise last Wednesday morning. It was the morning of her heart surgery – a surgery she would never recover from. Along with her husband, daughter, mother and another dear family friend we said goodbye to Denise. As she was taken away by the surgical staff each of us believed we would see her later in the afternoon. You may be wondering why I was there with the family at this point.

It was love that called me to be there, love for her nineteen year daughter. You see, her daughter is very near and dear to our family. She is my son’s girlfriend. While my son and this lovely young woman seem very young, they have a very beautiful love for each other that I believe will last. I must share with you that if I was able to pick a young woman for my son it would be this lovely girl. I love this young woman with all of my heart and I wanted to be there to support her through this difficult morning.

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