If you have found my book, Understanding The Jesus Code, a Private LIVE Session, or one of my LIVE Retreats helpful in your life, will you please help me get the word out by writing a review? It would mean a lot to me! – Carolyn

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The LIVE Method
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by Berenice on The LIVE Method
Understanding the Jesus cide

I have started to read this book and my mind is tripping. There are so many people I need to pass this book on to. I needed to read this. Thanks Carolyn. May God bless you in all that you do.

by Libby S on The LIVE Method
Understanding the Jesus Code/LIVE Method

Carolyn's book, Understanding the Jesus Code, is fabulous. The Holy Spirit led me right to it. I recommended this book to my mom and sister in law and kids and even my son in law. In addition, I have had 2 private FaceTime sessions with Carolyn and my life and body has had remarkable healing. I am forever grateful for my journey to complete recovery through Carolyn's God given gifts!

by Debi on The LIVE Method

Thank you Dr Carolyn, for an Amazing weekend. I have never felt such a release of all frustration and baggage , I didn’t realize I was even carrying. Dr Carolyn is a ray of sunshine!! The experience is great, you feel a lot of love and healing.
Every one in attendance was great, and enjoyed getting to-know them.

by Fred on The LIVE Method

I have been going to different psychologists, marriage counselors and different church pastors for over 40 years but never experienced any real healing until I went through Dr. Carolyn's LIVE retreats. She is one of the most loving people you ever want to meet and her insights on how we can heal our past problems are amazing. I am looking forward with great anticipation for her next retreat to be announced!!

by Lisa on The LIVE Method

These retreats have brought me so much more peace. I am truly a happier person because of this work. I gained so much healing whether it was helping someone else or working on my own family. I am able to handle the everyday struggles in life without getting so angry and yelling all the time. God is doing amazing things thru Carolyn.

by Tonya on The LIVE Method

I was looking for a Catholic and holistic approach to dealing with anxiety and depression and first "found" Carolyn through her writings for A Catholic Moment. I was attracted by her positive and hope-filled messages. When I read her bio, and discovered she provided retreats a few hours from my home I contacted her and was immediately impressed by her warmth and her sincere response.

The retreat was really nothing like I expected and at first I was skeptical of the approach-- but to my amazement I found the experience unforgettable and supernatural. I witnessed healing of participants and experienced the release of some of my own insecurities. I would encourage others to come with an open mind and heart, to invite God to work through Carolyn for their benefit and His glory.

by Korinne on The LIVE Method

I attended with a friend, who had made a long distance connection with Dr. Carolyn. The whole experience not only took me by surprise, it left me a bit dumbfounded! Although I had taken many steps towards healing previously, LIVE allowed further release. I'm grateful my friend carried me there with hope. In addition, I am thankful for all in attendance, who generously served each other in Love.

by Amie on The LIVE Method

Thank you, Carolyn Berghuis, for empowering me to heal. Dr. Carolyn found and created the treatment plan to heal me from Lyme Disease. She taught me how my own stuck emotions created an environment for Lyme’s Disease to thrive. She taught me how to let those emotions go and how to love myself. Most powerfully, she brought me back to a belief in Jesus. God’s love beams through every pore of Carolyn’s radiant skin. You are love and light personified, Carolyn. I can’t imagine my life without you!

by Becky on The LIVE Method

As I started to feel better physically thanks to the work I had done with Dr. Carolyn I decided it was time for me to tackle the hard stuff, my mental/emotional baggage. I would say beginning this process was definitely a turning point for me. Uncovering all the baggage that I was carrying around, without even realizing it, was amazing. It is crazy how all that baggage is passed on to the generations. Many of my LIVE Method sessions were filled with crying and dealing with tough issues. I do have to say that many appointments also left me feeling empowered and free.
It is very interesting to me how a person can be affected by various things that happen throughout a lifetime. Most of the time we don’t even realize that anything negative has occurred; however, after the experience we carry increased negativity in our life and in our heart. We let this negativity determine how we treat others or how we feel about ourselves. The LIVE sessions work by releasing all the negative feelings and replacing them positive thoughts and feelings.
I am very happy to say I am no longer the prescription drugs that I thought were helping with my stress and unhappiness. What I’ve realized is that my stress and unhappiness could not be dealt with by taking drugs but by digging deep, stepping out of my comfort zone, crying a little (or a lot) and dealing with past baggage that I am carrying into my current life.
Fast forward to 2012……the last piece of the puzzle…..God. I realized that praying to Him and asking for His guidance during all of my LIVE sessions and daily life was what I was missing. These sessions are still tough, sometimes, but I have learned so much about myself and the strength I have inside.
I am feeling better than I have in years and I am so thankful I met Dr. Carolyn and made that first call. It has changed my life. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and I look forward to my future for the first time in a very long time. I only wish everyone could experience the awakening of their mind, body and spirit as I have.

by Sharon on The LIVE Method

What I liked about the retreat is the possibilities of healing, not only for ourselves but for other family members as well. Jesus is the ultimate healer, He does the healing. We lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross and let Jesus carry them for us. We don't have to carry them any longer. He was definitely at the LIVE Retreat and miracles happened as a result! We are free!

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