Saint Francis de Sales in his book “Introduction to the Devout Life” offers us a beautiful way in which to pray and grow closer to God – I highly recommend you get a copy for yourself. De Sales teaches his students many things and I will share a few high points that have touched my heart.

  1. Be ever mindful that God especially loves it when we pray when we are “not in the mood” so to speak. This shows him our devotion. It is especially beneficial to pray during times of pain, trials or brokenheartedness.
  2. Mental prayer or prayer of the heart, is extremely beneficial for our soul. This is done by placing ourselves in God’s presence and invoking his assistance. You can also do this by using your imagination to see Christ – I find this exceptionally beautiful when I pray the Rosary.
  3. Meditating on the life and death of our Savior is extremely beneficial for our soul’s growth as well. Using your imagination so you can see Christ as he lived and died for us. I highly recommend meditating on the Stations of the Cross when you are faced with difficult times.
  4. After your prayer time resolve to take some of the beauty you experienced with you into the world. Perhaps write your thoughts/messages down in a prayer journal so you don’t forget them. For example, if you prayed the Stations of the Cross and felt deep gratitude for the fact Christ died for us perhaps you could make it an point to show gratitude to others during that day.