Love Heals the Sins of the Father

In my work I witness the sins of the father as they continue through the generations, they are called transgenerational entanglements. Many times the impetus for such patterns is hidden from us. The patterns are the result of subconscious files that take control of our thoughts and actions, leaving many individuals with a sense of hopelessness, unable to escape even when they desire peace and happiness.

Family patterns such as addictions, poverty, imprisonment, abuse, infidelity, pornography, anxiety, and depression run from one generation to another. Sadly, such patterns often serve to create a barrier that keeps God out, leaving individuals vulnerable, and seeking false idols in an attempt to experience happiness. However, it is God alone who has the healing balm mankind needs – divine love, mercy and justice. Modern science is now even becoming aware that trauma experienced by our parents and grandparents will adversely affect our DNA – this is called transgenerational epigenetics.

I believe mankind is ready to experience God’s true healing and this must include healing of the transgenerational sin of which we are all affected. True world healing starts with the family, the unit God placed us in – even when there exists much heartache there. Through this lens I have written a bit of prose below. Enjoy.

A Prayer for Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Your loving justice is far from us Lord

And we are removed from the fullness of

your love and mercy.

We search for light and happiness,

yet our world is still covered by the dark veil cast

when our first parents sinned against you.

We seek for answers and many seek your Son,

yet, we do not give him our full hearts,

we lack faith and trust in his healing powers.

We chase after false idols that offer

a false promise of love and happiness.

Like the generations who came before us,

We still harm one another, sometimes in your name.

The children and the elderly are disregarded

as if they are nothing, yet they are your creation

and you love them beyond all measure.

Love is blunted, and sometimes void all together in our families.

Our iniquities become more deeply infused

within our hearts with every generation,

creating anger, hate, and unforgiveness within.

The hearts of parents are turned away

from their children, and our children are forced

to find nurture, comfort, protection, and provision

in a world of false promises.

Generational sin appears to be our cornerstone,

a lie we have believed.

Your Son alone is our cornerstone,

even when we don’t understand this.

We live outside the hedge of your

fatherly care and protection,

and we suffer the consequences.

Show us God, how to seek your son and heal our iniquities,

and the iniquities of the generations that came before us.

We still desire what you alone can offer,

yet we do not understand that it is you we desire.

In your compassionate justice, love, and mercy

heal our families for all generations.

Reveal to us the power of forgiving one another so that

we can become one fully healed body in your Son.

Turn our hearts towards one another through forgiveness.

Please help us to step into the life you offer us,

where we will live fully alive and honor you for

All eternity.