Jesus’ River – Fasting of the Mind

Using Jesus’ River is a beautiful way to practice Fasting of the Mind (meditation and contemplation). Meditation and contemplation both open pathways for our hearts to commune with God. 

Jesus’ River is a meditation I use from time to time when I want to quite my mind and allow God a space to speak to me. I have found practicing Jesus’ River is particularly helpful to do after morning Mass and while in Eucharistic Adoration. The message the Holy Trinity gives me during this time often brings tears to my eyes.

Begin by placing yourself on a dock. Take some time to experience everything around you; the temperature, the color of the water, the sand, the birds, the trees, the sunset, the sunrise, and anything else you may see. Then look at the water and see it flowing to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Look at Jesus receiving all of this water into his Sacred Heart. Notice his face, his arms, and his love for you.

Now sit and be still on your dock with the intention that your mind become quite and free of thoughts. When a thought arises place it in a little boat in the water and allow it to flow into Jesus’ Sacred Heart. Do this with every thought that arises. In between the thoughts simply allow your heart to remain open to God – he will speak to you very gently and lovingly.

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