Remember, your birthright comes with admittance into your heavenly home, where there is no sin, no pain, and no more heartache. However, before you enter in, you must first receive the honor of experiencing the beauty of divine purification and transformation. – Excerpt from chapter 12: The 8th Face of Struggle in Understanding The Jesus Code

Immersed in Divine Love

Have you ever wondered how you can step into a life full of happiness and peace? Well, it doesn’t have to be a complex and insurmountable endeavor, and as a matter of fact, it can be rather simple providing you have the right understanding of the world around you.

All you need to do is allow yourself to surrender and become completely immersed in divine love. Which, unknown to many, you are continually immersed in 24/7. Mankind runs into problems when we fight against divine love, falsely believing we need to be in control. When we surrender to divine love, we then move effortlessly and joyously within it.

Even in the midst of heartache and pain it is divine love that permeates each and every cell of your being, continually offering freedom from pain and a promise of a life of love. In order to comprehend the all-consuming force of this love I invite you to consider a fish’s relationship to water.

A fish lives its entire life completely immersed in water. The fish moves in and with the water, the water fills its body, the water provides food for the fish, and the fish would immediately die if taken out of the water. And yet, the fish cannot comprehend the vastness of the water, nor can it comprehend its powerful force. The fish will spend its entire life oblivious to the power the water holds. And unbeknown to the fish, the water is life itself. Like the fish, you too are being held in a field that is the source of life – the field of divine love.

The Field of Divine Love

You too are held by a field much bigger then yourself and it is within this field that you experience your live as human beings. You see, this field offers you the most beautiful gift of all – a promise of eternal love. Yet, your human senses, your life experiences, and the life experiences of your ancestors, all limit your ability to fully see what this field offers. However, once you begin to really understand this field you will be on your way towards happiness and peace.

As a human being you are bound to experience limitations as a result of your three dimensional understanding on the world. (Quantum Physicists have estimated that there are ten dimensions.) Given this, you cannot accurately perceive the field of divine love because divine love is bigger than all of us. Divine Love is the love that is of God and given this, it holds all dimensions. No human being can ever understand the vastness of God, who is love itself.

All Life Comes From the Field

Have you ever wondered what force is behind a seed sprouting, the rising sun, or the life that begins once egg and sperm meet? It is within the field of divine love that all life begins – the field that God spoke it into being with his words – “Let there be light” – Genesis 1:3. It is this field that holds all life together and nourishes it in accord with God’s divine wisdom – a wisdom beyond your ability to understand with your human senses.

When you move freely within God’s divine love, when you surrender to it like the flowers, the birds, the fish, and even the planets do, you will find yourself guided along the path best suited for your happiness and highest good.  However, you have been given free will and the choice to choose divine love is up to you. Once you surrender to the field of divine love then the pain, heartache, confusion, apathy, or any other emotion that is not of love, will be transformed and you will find your heart, mind, and soul whole and healed.

Turning to Christ

I understand it may sound like an impossible feat to completely surrender to divine love, and maybe it sounds a little scary to you. After all, giving up total control of your life to an invisible, and perhaps unknown force can sound a little crazy. I’m sure the fish would agree! However, like the fish, we are surrounded and held by a living force much bigger then ourselves. Jesus Christ came so that we could come to love more, he has already shown us the way. The books of 1 John and John are both beautiful places to spend time when you are on the journey into divine love and I invite you to spend time with each.

The Family Lineage

I believe one of the greatest ways we can surrender to divine love is found in the Ten Commandments – specifically the Fifth Commandment where we are called to honor our parents. This is the only Commandment that comes with a promise my friends.

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.”

You see, all families on this earth have suffered pain, heartaches, and sorrows that extend across the generations. Modern science has now reveled to us in the study of transgenerational epigenetics, that traumas experienced by your ancestors have left an imprint on your DNA that affects you to this day. You see, things didn’t start with you and your body is likely carrying programming that was not your creation. Once you honor those who came before you with love, and this includes honoring your ancestors for what they have carried (the good and the bad), you begin to heal yourself.

Back To Divine Love

You see, the field of divine love has but one law – each and every one of us are called to love all things at all times. I am not there yet by the way my friends; however, I am trying to love in greater measure each and every day of my life. The more you love, the deeper you will fall into the field. Once immersed in the field of divine love you will experience all the happiness and peace you could ever desire. You will find that your desire to surrender to the field of divine love will be met in equal measure to your ability to love all others.

May you become immersed in divine love my friends. I invite you to use my Forgiveness Circle Meditation on your journey towards loving more. Here is the link: Forgiveness Circle Meditation

Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. – 1 Peter 4:8 (NRSVCE)