At first blush I didn’t see a clear relationship between today’s first reading and today’s Gospel; however, as usual Jesus opened my blind eyes. In both our first reading and our Responsorial Psalm we witness the pain and sadness surrounding our physical death. At some point we must say farewell to our loved ones as we enter into the mysterious world of the afterlife.

Hezekiah “wept bitterly” as he tried to come to grip with his impending death. He presented himself to God, hoping he lived a life worthy of spending all of eternity with the Lord. God so graciously provided Hezekiah with a miracle that must have assured him that the Lord is indeed near and all will be well. Our Psalm also shares with us the sadness felt as we leave this world and say goodbye to our loved ones. Yes, the thought of leaving our loved ones behind brings sadness to our hearts indeed. It seems that for many of us knowing that we will meet them again someday in heaven isn’t enough for our hearts.

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