Like every journey, you need a good road map. The journey toward happiness and peace is no different. This journey requires the healing balm of love, yet sometimes we are hurt and we find ourselves estranged from love, the one and only thing that can heal us. Excerpt from Chapter 14 of Understanding The Jesus Code

One thing is for certain – human suffering exists in this world. Mankind has experienced suffering since the Fall. However, freedom is available. Freedom from suffering, oddly enough, can be discovered as we walk through our pain and heartache instead of trying to avoid it. This is done when we invite love into the struggle and allow love to be our support.  Carolyn’s I AM Love meditation is quickly becoming a safe haven for those who desire freedom from suffering and heartache. Go ahead a give it a try!


You can practice this meditation anytime as it helps bring immediate peace by inviting love in. I have found it particularly helpful when practiced during intense emotional pain, trauma and anxiety. This meditation helps re-orientate one towards God – the healer of all our ills.

Say three simple words repetitively, until you experience peace in your heart. There is no need to focus on your breath to receive respite from this prayer.

  • I
  • Am
  • Love


Let’s Break This Prayer Down

I Am

  1. Whatever you say after these two words is vitally important for your well-being! How many times have we said “I am fat”, “I am ugly”, “I am so stupid”, “I am not good enough”.. and so the long list goes. And it doesn’t feel good when we say it! Why? Because such statements are not true, it is a lie and the cells in our body know it. When we speak truth our cells respond positively and from here they can function optimally and true health follows.
  2. I Am is also God’s name. When we speak it we are calling upon the creator of life itself – the One who is our divine physician.


  1. The vibration of love has the power to heal beyond our human understanding. When we speak “I Am Love” we are speaking truth to our cells because we are created in the image of God, who is Love eternal. With love comes life and truth – both are required for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  2. Love is also God. When we speak the word Love we are again calling upon the one who alone can heal us. “I AM Love” can also be read as “God God”

While I recommend this prayer be used during acute trauma I also highly recommend it’s use as a form of meditation. To use it in this way I invite you to envision love entering into your heart where the pain exists. Picture love healing the pain while you surrender the pain at the foot of The Cross giving it to Jesus Christ. Then picture love living eternally in that space in your heart.

God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I am has sent me to you.’”
—Exodus 3:14

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