To carry your cross comes with a promise. You will experience a joy that only Jesus can offer, true life itself. Yet, many find it difficult, if not impossible to carry their cross. Further, many others misunderstand what it means to carry their cross altogether and they experience needless suffering as a result. Yes, when you carry your cross you will experience struggle in your life and the journey will at times be challenging. However, when you carry your cross in a manner that resembles Jesus you are promised entry into some of the most beautiful places Jesus has for you – places where life abounds.

I have written about the power of carrying your cross in my book, Understanding the Jesus Code. (available as a pre-order on Amazon). So please allow me to share with you an excerpt from my book in today’s reflection. However, before I do this I need to share with you a foundational piece as it relates to carrying your cross – The Seven Stages of Healing.

Through The Seven Stages of Healing you are offered a roadmap of sorts to carry your cross and ascend into greater union with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have written about these stages before in a previous reflection and I also went into great detail in my book. I invite you to visit this page now before reading further. All Consuming Love.

Excerpt from Chapter Six in Understanding the Jesus Code:

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