Fasting of the Mind

Fasting of the Mind, a collection of various meditations I have used over the years, can help each of us reconnect with the love we once knew before the “world” got a hold of us. You see, inside of each of us lives a heartfelt desire for happiness, peace, and love – a desire we wish to bring forth into the world through our innate God given gifts. However, for many reasons, this desire may need to be rekindled if it has been smoldering for a while, or extinguished altogether.

The world can be a tough place to live and it, sadly, often extinguishes or corrupts our divine gifts. However, we can begin our journey back to love by being mindful of our thoughts and emotions and in doing so we reconnect with our divine gifts. Your thoughts and emotions arise from somewhere. It is estimated that the average person has anywhere from 50,000–70,000 thoughts a day! As you reflect on your thoughts do any of the follow describe your inner thoughts?

Nine Common Human Thought Processes

  • When you see perfection do you feel at peace?
  • Does your heart seek to help others in need of help?
  • Do you continually strive for success?
  • Are you an individualist, somehow different than others?
  • Do you continually yearn for, and seek, wisdom and knowledge?
  • Do you seek loyalty and security in your relationships?
  • Are enthusiastic, always seeking fun and friendships?
  • Do you see yourself a natural leader, always seeking to protect others?
  • Are you a peacemaker who wants everyone to “get along.”

While you may have had a hand in the creation of a significant number of your thoughts, a good majority of them are spontaneous, coming from somewhere outside of you. Many are the result of childhood experiences – good and bad. Some serve you, while other inhibit the expression of your gifts and ultimately the expression of the love God wishes to flow through you.

Your thoughts have an original seed and impetus that ignited them. Once this seed is properly nourished your gifts will come into full form. In order to live a happy, peaceful life, you must nurture and care for the thoughts that are congruent with God’s plan for your life. Once you do this then God can and will work miracles on your behalf.

However, before we can do this we must learn how to quite our mind and receive God’s message – the message of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I call this Fasting of the Mind. A process through which we hear God speak to us as we quite the mind chatter. Below you will find many links to Fasting of the Mind practices. Each one, in its own unique way, has brought me closer to God. Most I have “received” while sitting quietly in the Adoration Chapel at my church. Each is offered with an invitation – an invitation to draw deeper into the Sacred Heart of Christ. Enjoy my friends – Carolyn

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