I was first introduced to the Enneagram through Fr. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Priest whose work I have admired for quite some time. And I have to admit something, when I first saw the Enneagram symbol it looked scary as heck! However, I am sure glad I gave it another look!

Among many things, Fr. Rohr is an accomplished author and I have certainly enjoyed many of his books. The material presented in his books has proven fruitful in both my work and in my personal life. When I came across his book titled “The Enneagram A Christian Perspective” I was intrigued. While the Enneagram symbol certainly took me back a bit, the description drew me in. I always have an eye open for new modalities I can add to my healers toolbox – little did I know how impactful the Enneagram would be in my LIVE work.

The Enneagram is like no other “personality” test I have ever used. Hands down, in my opinion, the Enneagram is more valuable the DISC, Myers-Briggs, or any other personality system I have looked at to date. Why? Because the Enneagram provides a spiritual pathway that is unique to your type. A road-map of sorts that reveals where you are on your spiritual journey and where you are going.

The Enneagram and The LIVE Method (LIVE)

Inside of our subconscious minds we play tapes over and over. Like lines on a record, our subconscious mind keeps playing some of the same messages – sometimes like a broken record! With LIVE  we bring those subconscious tapes to our awareness while measuring their congruency against God’s plan for our lives. If these messages are not congruent with God’s plan then we work with the Holy Trinity to transform these interior messages, making them congruent with the life God offers us. We do this by utilizing forgiveness and acceptance.

However, not everyone plays the same music inside their subconscious mind! Of course our childhood expereinces, our life experiences, and the patterns passed down through the generations that came before us all contribute to our subconscious thought patterns. However, there is more – much more and the Enneagram is a key piece when unlocking this puzzle.

There are nine Enneagram “types” and each type has its own special “theme” and spiritual path towards wholeness. For me, I see each type as having a special connection with the beauty of heaven. Each type offers unique gifts to the world. For example, I identify with type Two – the Helper.  I intrinsically “see” the beauty of helping another and I effortlessly notice when someone needs help. Once I notice another’s need my mind immediately seeks to help them. It makes sense that I was called to be a healer. My husband, on the other hand, is not a Two. He is a One – the Perfectionist. Always seeking perfection, his subconscious mind notices imperfections and he seeks to make the world a more perfect place for all to live in.

In all there are nine types. Knowing what type you identify with, and the type your loved ones identify with, can deeply enrich your relationships. It has certainly strengthened and deepened my relationship with my husband, my children, my close friends, and my clients.

I invite you to learn what type you identify with. You can do this by visiting The Enneagram Institute’s website. They offer an Enneagram test (the RHETI) for $12. Here is a page that describes the system: The Enneagram Institute.