Forgiveness Statements

SELF-FORGIVENESS: AN EXPRESSION OF SELF-LOVE Statement: “I forgive myself for believing _________________.” You must love yourself before you can love others. While at first blush this statement may appear a bit cliché, it is an essential component to your emotional well-being. As we discussed earlier, it has been estimated that the average person experiences somewhere

Suscipe Prayer

Suscipe Prayer St. Ignatius of Loyola Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, All I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours; do with it what you will. Give me only your love and

Your Transformation Into Bliss

Life is nothing if not a spiritual journey on the path towards God and the bliss he promises. Yet, we live in a world full of challenges that must be overcome before we can experience real transformation. We face physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges every day of our lives. In order to experience the fullness

Suffering With Jesus Christ

A Reflection on the Catholic Church's readings from 1-26-2018 Paul yearned to see Timothy again – knowing that he would be filled with joy once he laid eyes on him. This yearning was so profound that during their separation Paul recalled Timothy’s tears while holding him in constant prayer. Given the understanding I have of

Coming Home To Love

Coming Home To Love A Reflection on the Catholic Church's December 22nd 2017 Scripture Passages Over the years many devout Christians have come to me with fear in their heart, fear that their wayward loved ones (or themselves) will never experience heaven. Pointing to sacred scripture as evidence of an impending fatal judgement, they remain

Stress & the Immune System

What is Stress? Stress is a state of emotional strain or anxiety that results from our innate ‘fight or flight’ response. While stress is not always bad, after all, sometimes you need to move into action if you are threatened with danger, prolonged stress can have very negative consequences on your health. Continuously keeping your body in this ‘high stress’ mode is