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2017 Schedule


LIVE Happy

March 18/19 – 2017

  • Forgiveness of Self and Others
  • Overcoming Childhood Wounds
  • Family Constellations –
    Father as Provider/Protector



LIVE Wholly

July 22/23 – 2017

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Addictions, Religion and God
  • Family Constellations –
    Mother as Nurturer/Comforter



LIVE Healthy

October 7/8  – 2017

  • Emotions – Creator of Disease?
  • The Seven Stages of Healing
  • Family Constellations – The Pain of Exclusion



LIVE Fully

Date: TBA

Due to the depth of work done in this advanced retreat enrollment is open exclusively to individuals who have participated in all three core retreats: LIVE Healthy, LIVE Happy, and LIVE Wholly.

  • Powerful!
  • Insightful!!
  • Life Changing!!!
  • Extreme Family Constellations!!!!


Want to register or learn more?


Due to the healing nature of the work registration is limited to 16 individuals.
The first 8 who register can invite a friend for FREE so register early!*
*FREE attendee offer does not apply to the LIVE Fully Advanced Transformational Retreat