This is one of my favorite meditations, and I have found it very helpful when I need to shift out of a negative emotion into greater happiness. This meditation came to me one day while in the perpetual adoration chapel at my church. I was sitting there in the stillness, following my breath as a means to quiet and settle my mind, when Jesus came and spoke to me again.

As I was sitting there with Jesus, it occurred to me that there is great power in speaking the words “I love you” to Jesus. As I sat there, my heart became aware of the goodness that speaking these words offer us. Speaking “I love you” to Jesus opens a door where he can bless you with greater goodness, especially when done quietly and slowly, allowing your body a bit of respite.


Imagine for a moment how it feels when someone you love speaks the words “I love you” with heartfelt love. Perhaps, if you are a parent, imagine your child telling you that he or she loves you—like the little girl who picked flowers for her mom who I wrote about in Chapter 2 of my book titled Understanding The Jesus Code. How does your heart respond? Do you want to fill your little child’s heart with happiness and peace? Of course you do. In light of this, can you begin to imagine what happens when you stand before Jesus, the one who laid down his life for you, the one who is love incarnate, the one who is consubstantial with the God who created the universe? What could his Sacred Heart, pulling from the infinite vastness of his universe, possibly want to give you when you slow down and take the time to tell him you love him?

This meditation is easy and simple, and it has a beautiful calming effect on your body, heart, and spirit. To begin the meditation, I suggest sitting calmly with your feet planted on the ground, or lying down. Take your first breath in, slowly, and say, “I.” Then gently breath out and say, “love.” Breath in again, “you,” then out, “Jesus.” Repeat as many times as you desire. It’s beautifully simple, and it deeply unites you with Jesus as you take the time to speak his “love language” to him. Remember, Jesus’s ways are not burdensome, and they are not difficult. Rather his ways are gentle, sweet, and light.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
—Matthew 11:28-30

I invite you to share Breath of Christ with your loved ones, practice it with your children as they leave the house for school in the morning and before bed, and share it with your friends—whoever you believe needs a little peace in their life. A client of mine has incorporated Breath of Christ into the wellness program she spearheads at her church. She often ends the group workout classes with Breath of Christ, to center the minds and hearts of her students, setting them to go out into the world centered on the love of Jesus.

Breath of Christ

Breath in: I

Breath out: love

Breath in: you

Breath out: Jesus

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