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Fasting of the Mind

Fasting of the Mind Fasting of the Mind, a collection of various meditations I have used over the years, can help each of us reconnect with the love we once knew before the "world" got a hold of us. You see, inside of each of us lives a heartfelt desire for happiness, peace,

Immersed in Divine Love

Remember, your birthright comes with admittance into your heavenly home, where there is no sin, no pain, and no more heartache. However, before you enter in, you must first receive the honor of experiencing the beauty of divine purification and transformation. - Excerpt from chapter 12: The 8th Face of Struggle in Understanding The Jesus Code

Honoring Your Father

 Honoring Your Father In this busy world we sometimes forget to stop and give attention to our family. And yet, it is the family that God created and set at the foundation of society. God intended for the family to be our place of respite, learning, and a place where we come to more fully

Love Heals the Sins of the Father

 Love Heals the Sins of the Father In my work I witness the sins of the father as they continue through the generations, they are called transgenerational entanglements. Many times the impetus for such patterns is hidden from us. The patterns are the result of subconscious files that take control of our thoughts and actions, leaving