We are a people looking for more, we are seeking healing, we are seeking greater happiness, and we are becoming extremely desiring of peace. Yes, this shift will certainly serve to facilitate the healing of broken hearts and broken families. We are becoming free, and our God-given gifts are unleashing into the world. However, we are at a critical point in humanity, and our transformation is far from complete. – excerpt from Understanding The Jesus Code

1 on 5 American Are On Anti-Psychotic Medications

With 1 in 5 Americans on anti-psychotic medication it’s safe to say that we have a loss of joy and happiness in our country (and in the world). Without exception, all of my clients come to me and share the sadness and pain they try hide from the world. This includes those who come seeking holistic medicine and those seeking emotional and spiritual guidance. Everyone carries buried wounds. We put on a happy face for the world to see; however, underneath this sunny exterior is an interior that yearns for more joy and fulfillment. Maybe you can relate. I certainly can. Having experienced my share of life’s challenges I understand this type of interior pain.

In an attempt to help cope with their internal struggle many of my clients have resorted to an anti-psychotic medication at one point in their history. Far too many have been on multiple medications. Without exception all of these individuals have shared with me that they never intended to stay on these medications long term. Sadly, coming off them has been a huge struggle for a significant number. While some have successfully come off these medications, an even greater number have experienced significant struggle and painful withdrawal. So my question is this – deep down inside do we believe there is a better way to heal from emotional pain? A way we are not yet familiar with? I suspect so.

Dangerous Anti-Psychotic Medication

It’s no surprise to anyone that the side effects from these medication can be horrific. From suicidal behavior to other forms of self-harm the list is unsettling indeed. Dr. Mercola recently did an in-depth analysis of the dangers of these medications, specifically Paxil. In it he reports the following:

  • “Clinical trials show 85 percent of Paxil users become quickly addicted”
  • Children are being used as test subjects with frightening results.
  • For many, Paxil is highly addictive producing “violent and disturbing” symptoms.
  • There was even one court case where a man killed his wife, daughter, and grandchild after taking only two tablets. The man’s son sued GlaxoSmithCline (maker of Paxil), alleging that the drug led his father to kill his family, and won.

If you or a loved one has experienced an anti-psychotic medication I invite you to read the article. Here is the link: Mental Turmoil  I believe there is a better way and mankind is entering into a new way of dealing with our emotional pain. This new way will addresses our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for healing and transformation.

A Better Way

While I acknowledge that many has found a bit of respite from anti-psychotic medications, I have yet to run across a client who has experienced true joy and happiness after taking these medications. Rather, these individuals share with me that they experience emotional “numbness” and “flatness”. I believe we can live a life beyond numbness and flatness! Jesus came so that we could live a life full of his divine joy! So yes, there is a better way.

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. – John 15:11 (NABRE)

Faith in Christ is an essential component to living a life of joy, after all, Jesus Christ is the author of joy. A look at the world and we witness multitudes who have lost (or never experienced) faith in him. Sadly, we have in large part taken God out of our schools and our communities. Our hearts cry out for love, God’s love, and we have banished him from key places in our society. Now we are paying the price.

Just the other day my oldest granddaughters were over and we were making Christmas cookies (yum!). They shared with me that they cannot say “Merry Christmas” at their public high school; however, they can say Happy Hanukah. Now, nothing against celebrating Hanukah! On the contrary, I encourage everyone to turn to God with a heart full of hope and trust. Christianity was born out of Judaism and, given this, honoring our Jewish brethren is right and pleasing to God. God will guide all of his children home when we honor and seek him with our entire heart – Christian, Jew, and all other seekers alike. And this is the key – we must seek and honor God before we can experience the heartfelt joy we crave.

When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me… – Jeremiah 29:13 (NABRE)

Living Joyfully

Faith in Christ is central to living a life of joy and happiness. Without him it’s like trying to drive a car with an empty gas tank – you won’t reach the destination your soul desires! Whether we know it or not we are immersed in his divine milieu. His love is all around us and this love is the very essence of life. Within this milieu exists everything we need for healing and transformation. There is often much that needs to be done, after all, humanity has been living a life of “less than” for quite some time. We need generational healing, physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing. However, with God all things are possible. The path home to him is a rich path indeed, beautifully unique for each and every one of us.

For ‘In him we live and move and have our being,’ as even some of your poets have said, ‘For we too are his offspring.’ – Acts 17:28 (NABRE)

My Three Prong Approach to Depression & Anxiety

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