Open-Bible-in-WindowGod’s Word provides for us the most beautiful roadmap; however, it is up to us to listen to him and follow his directions if we are to experience the life he offers us. How many times in our lives have we tuned him out, closed our ears and chosen our own path? How many times have we experienced heartache and pain because we tried to go it alone without him? Even as his followers our minds can become muddled and we don’t always hear him clearly. Yet, he continually promises us that he is faithful and he can be trusted to guide us perfectly.

Today’s readings are full of wisdom and hope for those who wish to hear and follow God’s Word. In our Gospel today we read of the beautiful story of the multiplication of loaves. Jesus, after healing the sick and performing numerous signs, sought respite on the mountain with his beloved disciples. However, the large crowds needed him. These individuals who were suffering from pain of the body, heart and spirit and, like the people of today, they needed the healing balm that only God can offer. So Jesus, after giving thanks, performed another great sign as he multiplied the five barley loaves and two fish into a bounty big enough to feed well over 5,000 of God’s broken children. On the surface this is profoundly beautiful; however, a deeper immersion into God’s Word will reveal mush more.

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